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How to Draw Eye Shadow Makeup

How to Draw Eye Shadow Makeup


Single eyelid makeup

1. Eye shadow painting. Do not apply eye shadow color only on the edge of the eyelids, but between the eyebrows and eyes.

2. The eye shadow color in the corner of the eye can be accentuated with a slightly darker tone at the outer corner of the eye, and smear it back and forth from the end of the eye several times, so that the color can stay thin and even.

3. Use the eye shadow brush to smudge the color from the eyebrows down to the area where the color is applied on the eye, and use the eye shadow brush to brush the color naturally.

4. Eyeliner. Eyes with a single eyelid look smaller, so draw thick and thick eyeliner to make the eyes look natural and larger. When it is drawn to the end of the eye, it can make the eyeliner stay upturned and have a bright feeling.

5. Beautify the eyelashes. First use an eyelash curler to bend the eyelashes, and then use mascara to start from the upper eyelashes. Do not brush them together. If you need to wear false eyelashes, use longer ones.

double eyelid makeup

1. Apply eye shadow to focus on thinness. When applying eyeshadow, the first stroke is usually the most important. It may be best to start from the end of the eye, and you must brush back and forth several times to make the color even and natural.

2. Draw the characteristics of the double eyelid. Take a small amount of eyeshadow powder at a time and apply it back and forth lightly. You should be careful not to apply it too thickly on the lower eye and face to avoid the feeling of dark circles.

3. The use of eye shadow brush. After applying the eye shadow, use the eye shadow brush to sweep the color in a wide area, from the bottom of the eyebrow to the eyeliner, and lightly sweep away the excess shadow powder to make the color of the eye shadow more transparent and natural.

4. Eyeliner. Draw along the direction of the growth of the eyelashes, and use water-soluble eyeliner. Draw the lower eyelid from the end of the eye forward to the position of one-third of the distance from the head of the eye.

5. Modification of cotton swabs. When drawing the eyeliner, it is easy to cause the problem of cross lines. Before drying, you can use a cotton swab to lightly smear it off, but do not use too much force, so as not to completely fall off the drawn eyeliner.

6. Brush the lashes. First brush the upper eyelashes, then brush the lower eyelashes, carefully brush the color from the place where the eyelashes grow, and then use the front end of the eyelash brush to brush back and forth from side to side.

inner double eyelid makeup

1. Make-up for inner eyes. Start with a muted color base on the lids, then use an astringent shade and rub in a luminous color on the lower lid.

2. The color of the lower eyelid. Use eye shadow of the same color as the upper eye and face. The drawing method is from the end of the eye to the corner of the eye. Don't make the wrong direction, otherwise you will have the illusion of "goldfish eye".

3. Brush the color of the upper eyelid. Gently brush the eye shadow color from under the eyebrows and eyelids, and the brush speed should be light and fast.

4. Eyeliner wide method. Use the eyeliner to draw a thick line from the corner of the eye to the edge of the eyelashes, but not beyond the eye socket.

5. Brush out beautiful lashes. Brush the upper eyelashes upward with mascara, do not apply too much, so as not to tangle the eyelashes. Use fiber-infused mascara to make lashes appear longer.





How to use eye shadow correctly


Correct use of monochromatic eyeshadow

1. Brown: easy to skin color coordination, generous and natural, not very exciting, but not easy to make mistakes, neutral toned eye shadow.

2. Light red: soft, without eyebrows, emphasizing that the eyes are bright and lovely, it is a bright shade eye shadow, not suitable for women with slightly swollen eyes.

3. Purple: It has a sense of mystery, which can increase the charm, nobility and coldness of the eyes. It is suitable for women with fair skin, yellow and black skin tones, and it is a contrasting dark eye shadow.

4. Blue: It can be used as a decorative color, only for embellishment, not for large-scale use, it is a contrasting color jumping eye shadow.

5. Yellow: It can be used as a decorative color and is easy to apply. It is a soft color and bright eye shadow.

6. Green: expressing youth, vigor and freshness, suitable for small area application, jumping neutral eye shadow.

7. Gray: To a certain extent, it can strongly emphasize the structure of changing eye shape.

8. Yellow-green and gray: brushing a layer of light yellow-green eye shadow on the head and end of the eye makes people feel uneasy and nurturing, and apply some gray eye shadow at the end of the eye, and the middle is hazy, fresh and youthful.

9. Gold and brown: Brown on the head and tail of the eye, and a large piece of gold in the center of the eyelid, extending to the tail of the eye to create a three-dimensional effect.

10. Earth color: It is very noble, fashionable and not exaggerated. It is very suitable for clothes. It is not wrong to try the eye shadow of the earth color on any occasion.

Eye shadow painting


⒈ Dip the darker eye shadow with the eye shadow stick, along the edge of the eyelashes, and repeat the smear about a quarter from the end of the eye to the head of the eye.

⒉ Using the end of the eye as the origin, apply slowly from the edge of the eyelashes to the eye socket. The eyeshadow is about a quarter of the width. Match the radian of the eyeball to draw natural makeup.

3. After dimming the eye shadow, use the eye shadow stick to apply it in the depression of the eye socket, between the head and the end of the eye, to naturally emphasize the shadow of the depression of the eyelid.

4.Use an eyeshadow stick to dip the eyeshadow of bright color, starting from the eye head, smear from the edge of the eyelashes to the eye socket, and then overlap with the eye shadow at the eye socket and near the end of the eye, and the layering is stronger.

⒌.The brow bone can be dipped in a bright color eye shadow with an eye shadow brush, and brushed left and right until the eye sockets are completely filled, leaving no gaps in the middle.

⒍. Use the eye shadow stick used in steps 1-3 (no need to apply eye shadow again), and directly apply it to the lower eyelid near the end of the eye. Three-quarters away from the eye, you can use an eye shadow stick to dip the bright eye shadow used in step 4.


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