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Home icon How to choose a concealer color? Beginners must know these tips

How to choose a concealer color? Beginners must know these tips

 Beginners must know these tips


What should I do if I find some small blemishes on my face when applying makeup? At this time, we will definitely use some concealer or concealer. But how should concealer be chosen to match our base makeup and completely cover acne and dark circles?


This requires the uniformity of facial color through the reconciliation of different concealer colors, so many girls cannot accurately choose the concealer that suits them when they do not understand their concealer needs.


Selection of color


Let's take a look at the color of concealer first. There are many colors of concealer, most of which are divided into: green, yellow, purple, orange, pink and brown, and these colors actually correspond to the color numbers of different skins, so say Don't mistake the color of your skin and concealer

Green: Green concealer is suitable for some red acne marks or red blood on our face, because it complements red and can neutralize each other, so it is more suitable for some small red blemishes on our face.

Purple: Purple actually plays a role in an even skin tone in a certain way, so if the complexion is dark yellow or has some small spots, it is recommended to use purple.

Yellow: Red concealer is actually more suitable for brightening. For example, we can use yellow concealer for our forehead, nose and chin, and secondly, it can cover our dark circles.

Pink: Pink can be reconciled with other colors, and can also be directly wound, it also plays a role in even skin tone and brightening.

Brown: Brown is more suitable for contouring, which can enhance the contour of our face and is not suitable for large-scale use.


shade classification


Concealer is basically divided into liquid concealer and concealer, . Different concealer products correspond to two different skin types.


liquid concealer

liquid concealer is in the shape of a liquid, which is very fluid, light and moisturizing and easy to push away. Compared to Cream concealer, it is more moisturizing. However, due to the relatively good moisturizing, its concealing ability will be relatively weak. If the blemishes on your face are not particularly obvious, it is recommended to use a liquid concealer, and for people with dry skin, cream concealer is also a good choice.


Cream concealer

Cream concealer as the name suggests, exists in the shape of a paste, it is not fluid, and it is not as easy to push as liquid concealer. But it is the best concealer among all concealer products, and it is also the driest, so it is very unsuitable for people with dry skin.

And it is very easy to get into a misunderstanding when choosing a cream concealer, because most of the cream concealers on the market are more oily than moisturizing. If you choose a cream concealer, don't be too hydrating, because a real cream concealer can't be very moisturizing.

Not suitable for dry skin friends, oily skin friends can use it, mixed skin can also, but dry skin friends really don't challenge.


What is suitable for beginners


For makeup novice or newbies who are new to concealer, more suitable for skin tone concealer. Skin tone concealer is similar to our skin tone, it is a small area of ??concealer, such as one or two small acne marks, or a few small spots and so on.


Or after base makeup, fine-tune small blemishes. And if you buy a concealer directly, its colors are well matched, and you don't have to do your homework very much.


The last thing I have to say is that whether you buy a concealer or a concealer, the color you choose should be slightly darker than your skin tone, so that the dark circles and acne can be more natural. If the color is light, you will find that acne and dark circles will be more obvious after applying makeup.


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