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How to choose the best blush for you

How to choose the best blush for you


The advanced color embellishment of the overall makeup face is undoubtedly the blush painting. Everyone knows that painting blush can add color to makeup, but they don't know how to choose the blush product that suits you? How to match the blush color to perfectly match the makeup? Where can the blush for different face shapes play a cosmetic effect?

These problems about blush, today's article will answer in detail for you.


Choose texture according to skin type


Seemingly perfect foundation makeup, but it becomes unappealing when you put on blush, and the blush lasts for a short time, so there is often a problem of makeup coming off? One of the effective solutions is to apply a blush product with a skin-friendly texture according to your skin type.

For dry skin, the cheeks and under the eyes have a slightly dry skin texture. If too much powdery makeup is superimposed, it is easy to expose the fine dry lines on the face, causing the problem of makeup sticking. Therefore, it is more suitable for dry skin to use cream and liquid blush products, which should be applied to the corresponding areas of the face before setting makeup. The texture of these two products is more oily, and it is more integrated with the powder base makeup, and the makeup surface is more suitable. Especially in the dry autumn and winter seasons, the makeup is more prone to sticking problems, and the superimposed use of powdered cosmetics should be minimized.

If you have oily skin, you should choose powder blush products. Most of the foundation products that are applied to oily skin have the effect of oil control and makeup retention. If you apply cream and liquid blush products superimposed, the oil component may cause the base makeup to fall off and become mottled. So try to choose a powder blush that is more close to the skin, and you can also try a waterproof liquid blush.

Neutral skin type According to the skin texture in different environments, with different makeup effects, powder, cream, liquid blush can be used.


Choose shades based on skin tone


Although collectively referred to as "blush" products, there are now more and more blush colors in the cosmetic market. When we buy blush, we can choose the blush color tone according to our skin tone.

Red series: This kind of color is more bright when applied to the face, and it is also a relatively white color. Almost no skin tone, black and yellow skin can also be tried. This type of color has a strong color rendering power. When applying, you should pay special attention to the dosage and smudge technique to avoid the color being too heavy.

Yellow: The correct way to open this type of blush is as a base layer. First, use a small amount of yellow blush on a large area of the face to apply a light base color, and then layer the blush of other colors. This can enhance the transparency of facial makeup, and the color performance will not be too obtrusive. The yellow blush is used as the base color of the blush, and it has less limitations on the applicable skin tone.

Orange: The most friendly to Asian skin tones. The orange-colored blush is more energetic when applied to the face, and it matches the skin tone the best. For fair skin tones, you can apply bright orange, and other skin tones can try dark orange.

Purple: The visual sense of purple blush is a bit strange, but in fact this kind of color is especially suitable for dark and yellow skin tones. Purple can correct yellowish skin tone and has excellent ability to brighten skin tone.

Light-saturated purple tones are suitable for fair skin tones. For other skin tones, you can try purple tones with low color saturation. Darker skin tones are more suitable for darker tones.

Pink series: This type of blush color is only suitable for people with fair skin to apply, to improve skin texture and reduce age. For natural skin tones, try a small layer of bean paste pink to brighten the skin tone. For example, peach powder and bright pink are still suitable for white skin.


Draw position according to face shape


A well-painted blush position can not only add color to the makeup, but also play a role in modifying the face shape.

For round or square faces, apply the blush from under the eyes to the mid-face area to enhance the cuteness and purity of the makeup. The overall range of the blush should not exceed the end of the eye and the tip of the nose downward, so as not to visually widen the contour of the face and make the overall makeup look heavy.

For long faces and oval faces, it is best to focus the blush on the middle of the face. The blush range should not be lower than the apple muscle, so as not to visually elongate the proportion of the face. You can also try to swipe the blush horizontally, sweeping a large area under the eyes, for a more sweet and age-reducing makeup look.

General painting method: The blush is evenly spread on the cheeks, the overall range does not exceed the lying silkworm line upwards, the downward position does not exceed the base of the nose, the inward does not exceed the inner corner of the eye, and the outward does not exceed the cheekbones. This blush painting method hardly picks the face shape, and it is more practical to use. It is very suitable for daily makeup.

Try to paint blush under sunlight conditions, and the color intensity can be better controlled; the amount of blush must be small and several times. After dipping the blush, you can adjust the color on the back of your hand and apply it on your face; after applying the blush, the powdery texture The blush must use a smudge brush to smudge the border of the dye block, and the cream and liquid blushes should be pressed evenly with the beauty egg, and the color connection is more natural.


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