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How to choose the right lipstick color

To choose the right lipstick color


Many girls get into trouble when buying lipsticks, because there are so many shades of lipsticks that they don't know how to choose the right one for them. So how to choose the lipstick color? How to choose the lipstick color that suits you?

Choose according to skin tone


1. The little beauty with dark yellow skin


You can choose a dark red in the warm color system, such as maroon, plum red, dark coffee and other colors of lipstick, so that the skin tone appears white and transparent. Do not wear light-colored or silver-colored lipsticks, because light-colored lipsticks will contrast with the skin and make the skin appear more dull.


2. Fair-skinned little beauty


You can choose cool-colored lipsticks, such as purple, rose, peach, etc., which can make people glow with a youthful and romantic look. You can also choose warm-colored (yellow) lipsticks, such as warm tea red, cinnamon, etc., which are full of mature elegance.


3. Little beauties with darker skin


Strong or light colors can be chosen for a refreshed feel. Gold and shimmery lipsticks are also good options. But don't use neutrals, or you'll be self-defeating.


Choose according to lip color


1. Attend important banquets


For the choice of lipstick color, you need to look very mature and stable. The color should not be too bright and eye-catching. You can choose earth orange or dark rose red color, and try to choose a lipstick with a matte texture.


2. Daily life


For lipstick color selection, don't choose too dull, dark or particularly bright lipstick colors. You can choose water red, orange red, a little orange tone or a color with high and low color saturation. You are more energetic.


3. Attend the party


When you choose a lipstick number, you can choose a peach pink or a lipstick with a golden tone in the lipstick. These color lipsticks will make you look beautiful and radiant.


Choose according to lip shape


Lip shape is also an important factor in determining whether lipstick looks good or not after applying it. Usually lip shapes are mostly divided into three types, one is too thick, one is too thin, and the other is moderately thick lips. Among them, it is more suitable to choose a darker and duller lipstick for thick lips. Such lipsticks usually make the lips smaller and thinner. For those with thin lips, it is better to apply some bright and colorful lipsticks, which can make the lips look plump and fuller.




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