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How to match the color of eye shadow

How to match the color of eye shadow


When pairing with eye shadow colors, choose fresh orange and dark green and blue at the same time, with crystal bright golden apricot orange lip gloss and orange blush with pearlescent light, it will make the makeup light and soft. The following introduces how to match eye shadow color to look good, I hope it can help you.

1. Orange and dark green blue

Fresh orange has become the focus of fashion attention. Choose it at the same time with dark green and blue, with crystal bright golden apricot orange lip gloss and orange blush with pearlescent light, it will make the makeup light, soft and brilliant.

TIPS: The blingbling style will make you shine for a season. Eye shadows with shimmering ingredients can add a different style to this makeup look.

2. Green and light brown

It is a very fashionable makeup color matching. With brown lipstick, it can naturally reveal a mysterious and fashionable temperament.

TIPS: Smudge the dark green eye shadow to the entire eye socket in a smoky way, or embellish it under the brow and the corners of the eyes.

3. Pink and Yellow

Can show the tenderness and beauty of women. Bright yellow and soft pink combination, people can not help but feel caring.

TIPS: The end of the eye is strengthened with bright yellow, which can highlight the brightness of the color, thereby creating a delicate feeling like a small animal.

4. Purple and pink

The gorgeousness of purple and the cuteness of pink are like a rainbow of colorful and clear colors, showing a charming and elegant temperament, showing the two natural looks of women, which can be pure or charming.

TIPS: First fill the eye socket with pink lightly, and then use purple gradient smudge to strengthen the eye part.

5. Yellow and blue

The fresh and cool feeling is like a spring breeze, reflecting the sweet feelings of a girl.

TIPS: The color should not be too heavy, first test the color with your fingers on the back of your hand, and then gently apply it to the eyelids.

What color eye shadow looks good


Judging by clothing and age:

Clothing: The use of eye shadow color needs to match different clothing styles and colors. This will make people look more coordinated and comfortable.

Age: Youth is the capital, you can use any color according to your personal dress. However, mature women should avoid colors that make us look haggard, such as avoiding a large number of colors such as brown, dark blue, and dark green. And make the skin look young and healthy color, such as orange, pale pink


How to draw good-looking eyeshadow


First, choose an eyeshadow. It is very important to choose an eye shadow that suits you. It is generally not recommended to choose eye shadow colors with cool tones. Eye shadows such as blue and purple are not suitable for daily use, especially in the case of light makeup. Warm colors such as pink, orange, earth tones, etc. will look better.

Once you've chosen your eyeshadow color, you can get started. Usually start with a relatively lighter color. About the entire eyelid range.

After the primer is completed, fill in a small area with a darker color, probably within the triangle area of ??the corner of the eye.

After finishing the eye shadow on the upper eyelid, you can slightly embellish the lying silkworm under the eyes, it will look better

At this point, the eye shadow part is almost complete. In the process of drawing eye shadow, you can use a small brush, or you can use your fingers to make it more even. At the same time, when choosing a color, you can mix the two colors together.


The role of various color eye shadows


Brown: Easy to tone skin tone, generous and natural, not overpowering, but less error-prone, neutral shade eyeshadow.

Pale Red: Soft, charming, emphasizing that the eyes are clear and lovely, it is a bright shade eye shadow, but it is not suitable for women with slightly swollen eyes.

Purple: Mysterious, can increase eye charm, nobility, cold and arrogant

Blue: It can be used as a decorative color, only for embellishment, not for large-scale use, it is a contrasting color jumping eye shadow.

Yellow: It can be used as a decorative color and is easy to apply. It is a soft and bright eye shadow.

Green: expresses youth, vigor and freshness, suitable for small area application, jumping neutral eye shadow.


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