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How to use liquid foundation correctly

How to use liquid foundation correctly


Use after daily skin care. It is the first step of makeup. Choose a liquid foundation that is similar to your skin tone. Pay attention to an appropriate amount. Apply a small amount evenly to the cheeks, nose, forehead, chin and other parts. You can use your fingers, sponge or special foundation. Brush, on the whole face, ears and neck from the inside to the outside, from the top to the bottom, with the smearing or tapping techniques, to obtain an even and natural makeup. Finally, use a sponge to evenly tap the entire face to improve foundation adhesion.

Wet and dry foundations are used to apply makeup. When dry, start from the "T" part, and apply evenly from the inside to the outside. It is also suitable for makeup; when wet, the covering power is strong, and it can be wrung out with a wet sponge until it does not drip. Dip a small amount of powder on the corner of the sponge and apply it to the face, then use the clean part of the sponge to push the foundation away.




Tips for using liquid foundation

To create the ideal look, three different foundations are required, namely light, medium and dark. Use the intermediate color as the base color of the entire face. This is the first step in applying makeup. Try to choose an intermediate color that is similar to the color of the face. Use dark foundation to decorate the cheeks and nose, paying attention to the transition to create a three-dimensional effect on the face.

Brightening with a light shade is the last step, applying a light foundation on the forehead, bridge of the nose and chin. Apply evenly, and the complexion will be refreshed immediately.

Requirements for a good liquid foundation

①It has strong covering power, which can effectively cover the true color of the skin after application, and make the skin appear the color of foundation milk.

②Good absorption, can well absorb sebum and sweat secreted and discharged from the skin, so that the makeup will last for a long time.

③Good adhesion, it can stick to the skin after application, the effect is natural, and it is not easy to take off makeup.

④Good smoothness, easy to apply, and evenly distributed, no drag feeling. In addition, it should have good moisturizing performance and emollient effect, and low heavy metal content to ensure the use effect and safety.


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