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What are the Key Points of Blush Painting

What are the Key Points of Blush Painting


1. Select the highest point of the laughing muscle as the center of the blush blush: If you want to create a natural and docile complexion, it is very important to choose the position of the entire face. A good start is half the battle. Knowing the contours of your face is also a must.

2. Before writing, you must first choose the brush & color number that suits you: Everyone's face size is different, and the desired effect is also different. Picking a blush brush that suits you is like having a good camouflage helper. The choice of color number can also be selected according to personal preference and skin tone.

3. The key to natural scattering is from the inside out: Orange-colored blushes are more suitable for Asian women, as well as girls with yellowish skin tones, as long as they are brushed lightly, they can bring a cute and playful feeling. In terms of technique, a sweeping brushing method from the inside out is recommended to promote a natural sense of scattering.

4. The masseter muscle area that cannot be ignored in determining the size of the face contour: Choose a darker or brown blush and a silhouette blush product. After taking it with the largest blush brush, shake it in the palm of the hand or the tiger's mouth first. Remove excess powder and avoid embarrassing situations such as uneven color after applying it directly on the face.

5. Fingers are the best makeup tools. Use five fingers as a loose powder brush: After applying a powdery product on your face, it will inevitably feel a little heavy. Touching your cheeks outward with your fingers will make the color more natural, just like your own skin tone, and the ruddy color will show through the skin.

6. Blush is a must-have for the life of foundation makeup: Brushing blush on the cheekbones not only complements various makeup looks, but also makes the skin look bright and smooth. Regardless of skin tone and skin type, you must master this makeup trick in this autumn and winter.





Four key points of painting blush

1. Flawless base makeup is very important

A lot of people think that just swiping on a visible blush can create a cute look, but in the end they find the makeup is dirty and doesn't look like a natural look at all. The main reason is that everyone ignores the importance of clean base makeup. In order to make the pink color more transparent, you can choose a base makeup product with enough concealer and high moisturizing degree, so that the skin has a saturated and radiant feeling, and at the same time, it is matched with concealer to make the spots clear. Do not come out to affect the overall vision.

2. Cream base

In order to create a good look of love from the skin, makeup artist Carrie suggested that girls can choose a cream foundation to apply a layer of blush first. On the one hand, its high water saturation is suitable for dry winters. Another reason is that Its moisturizing radiance makes cheeks look plumper. Just dip a little bit of blush cream with your fingers, gently tape it from the laughing muscle to the ear, don't use too much, and layer it slowly, the center of the laughing muscle can be slightly strengthened to make the color look more layered, and finally apply a layer A thin sheer powder can be used to set makeup.

3 silty to strengthen

Use cream blush as the base and then put on powder to create a soft and good complexion like the bottom layer of the skin. In order to enhance the level and visual strength of the blush, the makeup artist recommends choosing a pink blush with a little pearlescent light. To strengthen, you can brush it on the laughing muscle, and bring it to the ear, but do not exceed the scope of the original cream blush. The last stroke can be brought to the right side of the left cheek through the bridge of the nose, which can make the makeup more natural. As long as you highlight the double C and the bridge of your nose before you finish makeup, you can easily have a good look in love.

4. Choose your own color

Some people worry that a large amount of pink blush will make the skin darker. The makeup artist suggests that the texture and color rendering of the blush itself are very important. If the color is gray after rubbing on, sometimes it is because of the blush itself. If the color particles are wrong, then try another hue.

Types of blush

1. Liquid blush: It contains little oil or does not contain oil. When using liquid blush, be careful to control the range of smearing and smearing. It is suitable for oily skin. Representative cosmetics: benefit rouge water

2. Mousse-like: The texture is light, the dosage should not be too much at one time, and the effect will be more natural by rubbing it multiple times. Suitable for oily skin.

3. Cream-like: The texture is smooth and the amount should not be too much at a time. If the area is not well controlled, the area will become larger and larger. It is suitable for dry skin.

4. Paste-shaped: suitable for use with sponge, with better extension effect. It can create a healthy and trendy oily makeup effect, suitable for dry skin.

5. Powder: The texture is light and thin, easy to control the rubbing range, suitable for beginners and oily skin.


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