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What are the Product Features of Concealer

What are the Product Features of Concealer


Concealer has many functions, such as covering acne marks, lightening dark spots or localized dullness, and lightening dark circles. Light or dense concealer will make the makeup look unnatural, so choose a color similar to your skin tone.


Start with small dots. Apply a solid or lotion-like mask directly to the face with your ring finger. For hard-to-reach areas, apply with the aid of a sponge block or beveled brush. Foam concealers often leave streaks on the skin, so smooth on the back of your hand and use a soft brush to smooth out your collar color before applying.


Function 1: Use concealer to deal with more obvious wrinkles


Concealer products for fine lines have added some photosensitive factors to lighten the refraction of light to lighten and smooth wrinkles.


Function 2: Use concealer to deal with acne scars or pits


Concealers for acne are usually added with natural plant extracts, which inhibit oil secretion and have bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic ingredients.


Function 3: Use concealer to deal with spots or partial dullness


Among professional concealers, there are rich shades, such as orange, moon yellow and ivory, with different shades and textures. Professional makeup artists often use concealer products from these brands, preferring to use several shades in combination. Many people are unsure about the order in which foundation and concealer should be used. A more logical sequence is to apply concealer after foundation.


How to apply: Choose a face concealer that should be one shade lighter than the foundation, take an appropriate amount with your fingertips or a small concealer brush, and apply lightly to the spots with light taps until the concealer and foundation are evenly mixed.


Function 4: Use concealer to deal with dark circles


Before using concealer to draw dark circles, you must first apply a moisturizing eye cream in the order of lower eyelid, upper eyelid and outer corner of the eye. After the eye cream is fully absorbed, then observe your eye area to see if there is pigmentation or redness on the upper eyelid, and obvious dark circles on the lower eyelid. Use a special eye concealer to cover it through personal judgment. The ingredients of eye concealer products will contain eye care ingredients, such as chamomile for soothing eyes, angelica root essence for moisturizing and ginkgo extract for improving the metabolism of eye skin.







Concealer selection tips


1. Choose the appropriate texture according to the part.

Because of the different parts of the skin and the thickness of the skin, the texture of the concealer should also be changed. Red and swollen acne can be covered with a cream concealer, and the skin around the eyes can be covered with a liquid concealer that does not hurt the skin.

2. Select the method to be used according to the purpose.

Know the purpose of your concealer, and then choose the color and texture of your concealer.

3. Compare with concealer.

According to concealer: Concealer>Concealer>Concealer.According to the lightness of the texture: Concealer>Concealer>Concealer with good ductility.


Precautions for using concealer


1. Choose a primer according to your skin tone: This principle of color complementation can adjust the skin color to a healthy state.

2. Dark circles: If dark circles are serious, you should use an orange concealer to cover them.

3. Both sides of the nose wings: If the skin color concealer is still unable to cover both sides of the nose wings, you can add a little green concealer.

4. Bottom decoration, touch-up isolation: The process of bottom decoration is cumbersome, you can choose products with pearlescent or touch-up effect when choosing a base cream.

5. Use complementary colors to make the base makeup suitable: Use some complementary colors to make the base makeup, which will make the makeup look traceless.

6. Create nude skin: To have a balanced skin texture, foundations with different textures should be used to create the desired skin feel.

7. No pores: Japanese cosmetic brands have also launched base makeup with the effect of covering pores, which is to present the most pore-free skin.

8. Makeup fit: After applying makeup, you need to use powder to make the makeup last.




Die Fei Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 and is located in the Yiwu International Trade Comprehensive Reform Pilot Zone. It is an internationally renowned color cosmetics OEM/ODM enterprise.

The company is a "contract abiding and creditworthy unit" of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, a national high-tech enterprise, a technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise in Zhejiang Province, a top 50 industrial enterprise in Yiwu City, and a vice-chairman unit of Zhejiang Daily Chemical Association.


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