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What is the role and effect of blush

The role and effect of blush


The role of blush is to help the skin to appear rosy and lustrous, to subtly modify the face shape, highlight the apple muscle, make the facial features more three-dimensional and delicate, at the same time, strengthen the presence of the cheekbones and increase the depth of the eyes. Different face shapes have different ways of applying blush.

What does blush do


1. Three-dimensional face shape: Creating a delicate V face and a good-looking face cannot be separated from blush. It can modify the face shape to make the facial features live and three-dimensional, and can change the facial contour.

2. Improve complexion: After applying blush, the complexion can be ruddy without appearing pale or too jerky, and the complexion will appear healthy rather than sickly.

3. Hide pores: There are usually natural mineral soft powders in blush, which are very delicate and fit, and can block pores to improve the concealer effect.

4. Long-lasting makeup setting: The blush color has a makeup-setting effect, which can make the base makeup plump and fit, prevent oil, and make the makeup last longer and more stable.


Do you need to buy blush


Needed. Although blush seems to be dispensable, it is actually very necessary to prepare one, because the importance of blush may not be the highest, but sometimes using it can have unexpected effects, especially for poor complexion, When the facial features are collapsed and the pores are large, it can play a huge role, so it is not wrong to prepare a box of blush in cosmetics, and there will always be times when it can be used.


How long is the blush valid for


Usually three years and maybe five years. The cosmetics you buy in China basically have a shelf life of 3-5 years. Most of the regular brands are three years. When purchasing, pay attention to the production date to avoid buying those that are about to expire. , open it and use it as soon as possible.


How to use blush


Blush is generally applied on the position of the laughing muscle. After using the blush, the apple muscle is more prominent and the three-dimensional effect of the face is increased. You can use a vertical angle to make yourself laugh, find the highest position of the smile muscle and draw a circle, so that the blush that comes out will naturally show a good complexion. If you want to modify the face shape, different face shapes and blushes also have different painting methods.

If you have a rectangular face, you can use a blush brush to dip in an appropriate amount of blush and sweep it from the bottom of the pupil to the edge of the cheek. If you have a round face and want to enhance the lines of your face, you can dip in the blush and apply it evenly from the bottom of the cheekbones to enhance the presence of the cheekbones and reduce the roundness of the round face.

Blush can make the facial features more three-dimensional, and can also deepen the contour of the eyes and increase the depth of the eyes. As long as you move the finger dipped in the blush from the position under the eyes to the position of the temple, and evenly spread the blush, you can achieve the desired effect.



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