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What is the shape of the brush head of mascara

What is the shape of the brush head of mascara


Choose the appropriate brush head shape. Generally speaking, the brush head mainly has the following shapes:

Triangular brush head: The intersection of the two sections can fully touch the deep layer of the eyelashes, wrap the eyelashes layer by layer, make the eyelashes thick, soft, natural, and more convenient for feeding.

Quadrangular brush head: It can lengthen the eyelashes in the middle part, so that the eyelashes are subjected to a very small pulling force, so that the eyelashes become distinct; the eyelashes at the head and end of the eye become thicker from the root, showing a good arc , so that the eye shape is perfect from any angle.

Conical brush head: can enhance its volumizing effect, brushing thick and feathery eyelashes without clumping, the concave fibers of the bristles can naturally saturate and absorb and wrap each eyelash, making eyelashes thick and curled more outstanding.

Spiral brush head: The gap will be filled with paste, and more will be applied to the eyelashes, so that the roots of the eyelashes are distinct and not easy to stick, making the eyelashes thicker and more curled.

Curved brush head: suitable for anyone, especially those with short lashes. Designed according to the physiological curve of the eyelashes, it is easy to apply. At the moment of application, evenly apply to the root to the tip of each eyelash.

Tooth-shaped brush head: The brush head with a large distance is easy to brush the eyelashes long and the roots are distinct; the brush head with a small distance is easy to make the eyelashes thick and full and curled.

Mini brush head: It is easy for beginners to use makeup easily, and it will not brush the mascara to the upper eyelid, and it can be easily brushed from the root of the eyelashes. Moreover, the eyelash brush with this small brush head is also very suitable for brushing the lower eyelashes, whether it is vertical or horizontal with the eyelash head, it is easy to grasp.

Steel brush head: The steel rod design of the hairless brush makes it easier for the silk fibers to sweep on the eyelashes, making the eyelashes longer and distinct.



Curly Eyelash Tips

1. Lift the eyelid with your fingers, and at the same time use the eyelash clamp to tightly clamp the root of the eyelashes, hold for three seconds to brush out the curled eyelashes.

2. Use mascara to lift the root of the eyelashes upward, hold for three seconds, and then brush out from the tip of the eyelashes.

3. Use mascara to lift the root of the eyelashes at the end of the eye and hold it for a while, then brush it out diagonally.

4. Finally, use mascara to lift the root of the eyelashes from the inner corner of the eye towards the nose and brush out from the tip of the eyelashes.



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