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Concealer Powder
Concealer Powder

Concealer Powder

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    Place of Origin Yiwu, Zhejiang Brand Name DIEFEI
    Feature Covers blemishes and evens out skin tone
    Finish Natural Model DC-180
    OEM/ODM Acceptable customized label Logo Customized
    Keywords Concealer Type Concealer
    Service OEM ODM private label Certification MSDS


    Product description


    1. Concealer can be an invaluable makeup tool for covering blemishes and other imperfections. Can help hide blemishes, dark circles and other imperfections.


    2. There are many types of concealers to choose from.



    The main function of Concealer Powder


    Concealer powder is an essential makeup item for achieving a flawless, even complexion. It helps to cover up dark circles, blemishes, and any other areas of discoloration on your skin. It can also help to blur the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. When applied correctly, concealer powder will make your skin look natural and healthy.


    The main function of concealer powder is to provide coverage for imperfections on the skin’s surface. It does this by creating an opaque layer that helps to hide these blemishes without looking cakey or unnatural. Concealer powder can also be used as a setting powder for foundation or other face makeup products. The finely-milled formula creates a matte finish that helps makeup last longer and prevents it from settling into fine lines and creases.


    Concealer powder is best applied using a fluffy brush or damp sponge. This will help to evenly blend the product into the skin while building up desired coverage levels without looking too heavy or cakey.


    Concealer powder can be a great ally in your makeup bag. It can help you achieve a flawless, natural-looking complexion without any cakiness or buildup. With its ability to hide blemishes, dark circles, and other imperfections, it's no wonder why many people rely on concealer powder as part of their everyday beauty routine.


    Concealer powder is typically used after foundation or tinted moisturizer to set the makeup into place. This helps to make sure that your foundation or tinted moisturizer stays on all day long without fading or creasing. On top of that, the light reflecting particles present in most concealer powders help to blur out any fine lines and wrinkles while providing an overall luminous effect on the skin.


    Another amazing benefit of using concealer powder is its ability to absorb excess oil on the skin and prevent shine throughout the day. This makes it perfect for those with oily and combination skin types who often struggle with finding a product that will keep their faces matte all day long.


    Advantages of Concealer Powder


    Concealer powder is an essential part of any makeup routine. It can be used to create a flawless face, hide blemishes and dark circles, and even out skin tone. Here are some of the advantages of using concealer powder:


    1. Lightweight Coverage – Concealer powder provides lightweight coverage that won’t melt or crease. It helps to blur out blemishes and imperfections without feeling heavy on the skin.


    2. Natural Finish – Concealer powder gives a natural finish that looks like you’re not wearing any makeup at all! It blends effortlessly into the skin for a seamless finish and won’t leave behind any tell-tale signs that you have it on.


    3. Versatile – Concealer powder is incredibly versatile and can be used in different ways such as setting foundation or cream concealer, blending out eyeshadow, and even as an overall face powder for those with oily skin types who need more coverage than what their foundation can provide alone.


    4. Long-lasting – Concealer powder is incredibly long-lasting, so you don’t have to worry about your makeup fading away during the day! 


    5. Affordable - Powder concealers tend to be much more affordable than their liquid counterparts, so they're great if you're on a budget but still want full coverage!


    Concealer powder is a great option for anyone looking to cover up blemishes, dark circles, and discoloration on their skin. It's easy to apply, blends well, and provides long-lasting coverage. Here are some of the advantages of using concealer powder:


    1. Natural finish - Concealer powder has a natural finish that looks like your own skin and doesn't feel heavy or cakey.


    2. Lightweight - Since it is in powder form, it is lightweight and won’t clog your pores or irritate your skin like heavier creams can.


    3. Easy to apply - It’s easy to apply evenly with a brush or a puff for quick touch-ups throughout the day.


    4. Long-lasting - Concealer Powder has staying power so you don't have to worry about reapplying throughout the day.



    5. Versatile - It can be used as an eyeshadow base or for contouring, highlighting, and other makeup techniques that require precise application of color pigments on the face and body.

  • FAQ Alright Alright

    1.Who are we?

    Our factory was established in 1996. Is a professional makeup supplier. We can provide customers with comprehensive services of procurement, design, manufacturing and export.


    2.How can we guarantee the quality?

    Always a pre-production sample before the mass product  

    Always final inspection before shipment


    3.Do you accept small orders?

    Yes. If you are a small retailer or starting up a business, we are definitely willing to grow up with you. And we are looking forward to co-work with you for a long-term relationship.


    4.Why should you buy from us?

    a. Experienced in logistic, market and international trading service

    b. Experienced design team accept ODM/OEM


    5.What services can we provide?

    a.Accepted Delivery term:FOB,CFR,CFR,CIF,EXW,DDP,DDU,EXPRESS

    b. Accepted payment currency: USD EUR CNY

    c.Accepted payment type :T/T L/C ,Paypal ,western union.


1. Features

Concealer can help cover blemishes and other imperfections while also brightening your face. Helps even out your skin tone and makes you look smoother. Usually oil-free, so won't cause skin breakouts.


2. There are many types of colors to choose from

Concealers are available in a variety of colors, so you can find the perfect shade for your skin tone. There are many different types of concealer, including stick concealer, liquid concealer, and cream concealer.


4. About us

Our enthusiasm comes from real people and live a real life. Beauty suits everyone. No matter who you are or where you come from, we are here to provide you with cosmetics suitable for all colors, attitudes and races to stimulate your self-expression.

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