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White Eyeshadow
White Eyeshadow

White Eyeshadow

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    Place of Origin

    Yiwu, Zhejiang

    Brand Name



    High coloring eye plate, matte light, metallic eye shadow plate, lasting for natural color.






    Acceptable customized label








    OEM ODM private label




    Product description


    1. Fine and smooth pigment

    You can get excellent color effect with one click. The soft velvety powder is easy to mix and remains all day and all night.

    2. Strong color and decent quality

    Sweep one of the nude and shiny colors to create a "plain" makeup, or mix darker colors together to create a classic smoky or rainbow eye.


    Use steps

    ★ Apply white powder on the eyelid and eyebrow bone area;

    ★ smear purple dumb eye shadow along the upper eyelid and eyelid.

    ★ draw a relatively thin line next to the lower eyeliner.

    ★ Apply some silver powder on the inner corner to open your eyes.





    What are the other uses of White Eyeshadow?


    White eyeshadow is not just used to create a classic smokey eye. It can be used for many other looks, from adding a subtle shimmer to brightening up the eye area. Here are some creative ways you can use white eyeshadow:


    1. Highlight – White eyeshadow is an ideal choice for highlighting the eyes due to its light colour and shimmery effect. Try applying it along the brow bone, in the inner corners of your eyes and on your cupid’s bow to brighten up your face.


    2. Layer – You can layer white eyeshadow over any colour of eyeliner or shadow to give it an extra pop of shimmer. This works especially well with dark shades like black, brown or navy blue as it adds a nice contrast and makes them look more vibrant.


    3. Blend – White eyeshadow is also great for blending out harsh lines when applying multiple colours of shadow on the lids. Use a fluffy brush and lightly apply white shadow over any edges that may look too harsh or intense when using other colours.


    4. Cut Crease – Create an edgy cut crease look by using white eyeshadow as your base shade


    White eyeshadow is not just a tool for highlighting the inner corners of your eyes or making your browbone pop. It can be used for much more than that. Here are some other uses of white eyeshadow to get you started:


    1. Brighten Your Look - White eyeshadow is great for brightening up any look. Whether you use it as an all-over base or just to highlight certain areas, it will make your features stand out and give you a radiant look.


    2. Create Dimension - You can use white eyeshadow to create dimension in your makeup look by layering different shades and textures on top of each other. This will add depth and interest to your makeup look.


    3. Correct Mistakes - If you make a mistake with your eyeliner or mascara, white eyeshadow can help you correct it without having to start over completely. Just dab some on with a small brush, then blend it out until the mess is gone!


    4. Make Your Eyes Pop - A thin line of white along the lash line can really make your eye color pop and bring attention to them. It’s an easy way to add subtle definition without doing too


    White eyeshadow is one of the most versatile products in your makeup bag. While it’s often associated with creating a classic cut crease look, there are plenty of other uses for white eyeshadow that you may not have thought of. Here are some great ideas for how to use white eyeshadow to create stunning looks and make the most out of this product.


    Material of White Eyeshadow


    White eyeshadow is a staple in any makeup lover’s arsenal. It’s a must-have for natural looks and can be used to create more dramatic looks, too! But not all white eyeshadows are created equal – the material of the shadow plays a big role in how well it applies and how long it lasts.


    When it comes to choosing the best white eyeshadow, look for one with fine mineral pigments that are finely milled. This ensures smooth application, even coverage, and good adhesion to the skin. Look for shadows that have an extremely soft texture; this will make it easier to blend out and keep your eye look looking flawless throughout the day.


    The ideal white eyeshadow should also have good color payoff without having too much shine or sparkle. If you find yourself reaching for shimmery whites often, opt for those with larger particle sizes so they won’t settle into creases or highlight any imperfections on your eyelids.


    White eyeshadow can be a tricky material to use, but when done right it can add a beautiful, ethereal look to your makeup. Whether you’re going for a classic glam look or something more subtle and natural-looking, white eyeshadow can be the perfect way to brighten up the eye area and create an eye-catching look.


    When it comes to choosing the right materials for white eyeshadow, you want something that will give you good pigmentation and long-lasting wear. You don’t want your eyeshadow to crease or fade throughout the day. You’ll also want something that is blendable and easy to work with so that you don’t end up with any harsh lines or streaks of color on your lids.


    For these reasons, we recommend using a matte white eyeshadow for best results. Matte shadows are usually better at blending into the skin than shimmery shadows and they tend to last longer as well. If you do want some shimmer in your white shadow look, try adding a bit of sparkle on top of your matte shadow while blending it out with a brush. 



    White eyeshadow is a staple of any makeup collection. It’s one of those shades that goes with literally everything, and can be used to create a variety of different looks. But when it comes to choosing the right type of white eyeshadow, there are a few things to consider.

  • FAQ Alright Alright

    1.Who are we?

    Our factory was established in 1996. Is a professional makeup supplier. We can provide customers with comprehensive services of procurement, design, manufacturing and export.


    2.How can we guarantee the quality?

    Always a pre-production sample before the mass product  

    Always final inspection before shipment


    3.Do you accept small orders?

    Yes. If you are a small retailer or starting up a business, we are definitely willing to grow up with you. And we are looking forward to co-work with you for a long-term relationship.


    4.Why should you buy from us?

    a. Experienced in logistic, market and international trading service

    b. Experienced design team accept ODM/OEM


    5.What services can we provide?

    a.Accepted Delivery term:FOB,CFR,CFR,CIF,EXW,DDP,DDU,EXPRESS

    b. Accepted payment currency: USD EUR CNY

    c.Accepted payment type :T/T L/C ,Paypal ,western union.


1.A magically iridescent eyeshadow palette contains professional cool and warm-toned pigments and shades. With different textures: soft smooth mattes, shimmery pressed pearl and dazzling metallic glitters. This richly toned palette features versatile shades that can be blended and layered to create endless amounts of looks.


2.Advanced artistry palette housed inside a cute,rectangle-cut, lightweight, black packaging, easy to take outside and great to travel with. Suitable for different skin tone and skin type.


3.The rainbow - inspired hues and finishes, ranging from sheer - color, high - shine glitter topcoats, to entrancing ultra-reflective metallics and rich shades with intense pigment payoff deliver striking impact and light-catching dimension, Suitable for both makeup beginners and makeup pros.


4.A complete travel shadow collection that can be bought as personal use to accomplish your everyday makeup routine or as a great gift for your family members and friends. Suitable for different occasions such as party, wedding or casual.


5.A coveted, professional palette with pressed powder shadows that can be used for shading, highlighting, and defining eyes, brows, and the contours of the face.

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